February 12, 2016

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Tesla Motors Roadster, picture by Nick Zart

Tesla Motors Roadster, picture by Nick Zart

One very easy prediction made for 2010 is that IPOs will be strong on the radar bleep.  Will they be different from the last years?

The gist is that any market wants to grow and strive.  In order to do so, it needs to develop, invent and merge with other technology companies.  2010 looks ripe for some epic IPOs and mergers.

The Biggest Names In The New World.  Two of the biggest names in the new world of the electric drive that have hinted at IPOs are Tesla Motors and A123 Systems.  It makes perfect sense for Tesla Motors to initiate its own IPO this year.  As far as A123 Systems’ IPO, the battery maker has top notch batteries that have been used from converting Prius to plug-in hybrids, PHEV to world record electric motorcycle dragsters, the KillaCycle.

Alternative Industry IPOs.  Another notable IPO was the Californian solar energy company Solyndra Inc that filed for a $300 million IPO late December 2009.  This sector should see a lot of mergers and acquisitions this year, as well as a few IPOs which will set a trend.

What About The Others? What about other startups in the limelight?  We can see Fisker Automotive and a few others filing for an IPO at some point, but unlike Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive only has beautiful prototypes to show for and nothing yet on the road.  Until they do, an IPO will be in the back burner.

All in all, green technology IPOs should have a good year 2010 with a little help from oil price continuing to rise.

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