February 12, 2016

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North American Auto Show

North American Auto Show

No time to rest when we have our first and probably one of the most important auto show of the year, the 2010 Detroit Auto Show next week.  Why is it important?  Find out.The gist is that we are barely off to a new year and decade than comes the first auto show, the Detroit Auto Show.  Why is it important and what can we expect from it?

NAAS In Detroit.  The Detroit Auto Show will open its doors next week and will be, as always a good way to gauge the American market.  Why is it important?  We are obviously still reeling in from an economic melt down where car makers are scrambling to make sense form their past mistakes.  This is the first show of the year and sets the tone.

Detroit Auto Show, What Can We Expect From China? Obviously, we will be on the look out for Chinese car makers.  While many still equate Chinese products with poor quality, with a hungry home based market, the country can only improve their products, coupled with their mass manufacturing might, this should be interesting to watch.  Watch for BYD mostly.  The company will show again its all-electric e6, which can do 0 to 60 in 8 seconds, a top speed of 100 mph, with 250 miles on a single charge.  Its plug-in hybrid, PHEV F3DM can deliver 60 miles on batteries until its 1.0-liter gas engine kicks in to extend the range.

We will cover the show and give you heads up.  Next, we will look at who will be there.  So far, it will not be as flashy as in previous years, which means we will see more technology and less fanfare, something we all look forward to.

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