February 10, 2016

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BMW Vision EfficientDyniamics

BMW Vision EfficientDyniamics

BMW has been a little late to embrace the electric drive but is approaching it in a typical German way, cautiously and pragmatically.

The gist is that the Vision EfficientDynamics is an effort to maximize a plug-in hybrid, PHEV design to its fullest.  The car ups performance with the use of a diesel engine with highly efficient dynamics.  It is stunning in every aspect.

EfficientDynamics On A Diesel Hybrid.  Make no mistake, the Vision EfficientDynamics is a performance Diesel PHEV that maximizes lightweight material with aerodynamics.  Taking to Jochen Paessen, designer at BMW, most of the design work was done making the car as aerodynamic as possible.  By doing away with external spoilers, the car incorporates body section openings to channel the air in and around the car, making it fluid.

Design Meets Efficiency.  One careful look at the Vision EfficientDynamics and you can see how the design can not only be appealing but effective.  Every curves has a purpose.  The wheels use thin but tall low resistance roll tires and its center has been optimized to let the air away from the car.  The interior marries aesthetic with structural yet involves a complete driver and passenger experience.

BMW shows it is interested in the electric drive but is approaching it in a pragmatic way.  The company feels battery technology is not there yet to fully power a high end electric vehicle, EV, which we could argue.  The obvious BMW approach was to use a hybrid design, using an efficient diesel engine and combining it with two electric motor, as you can read here.  BMW is on the right track with this one.  Asked if the final version would still capture the same emotion, our friend Jochen joked that his English was not that good all the sudden.  German humor!

Check back tomorrow for more pictures.

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