February 14, 2016

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BYD e6

BYD e6

While the West is still caught in endless debates on subsidies and counter-productive lobbies from petroleum and coal coalitions, China is producing electric cars and surely refining them.

The gist is while the West is barely waking up from a gluttonous party of ever increasing profits, the leaner and definitely hungrier China has taken the opportunity to leap frog the competition by introducing electric and hybrid cars early into the game.  If most western shrug it off as Chinese quality does not come close to the western world, China is in the meantime gathering know-how, experience and refining its initial trials.

BYD And Friends.  BYD is the poster child in China having successfully transitioned from battery maker to car designer. It is also followed with a few more, SAIC, Chery Automotive and BAIC.  BAIC just introduced its new electric car BE701 sedan.  What is special about it?  According to the company, it is their first internally developed EV, that boasts a range of 200 kilometers, or roughly 125 miles, with a top speed of 160 kph, or 100 mph.  The 0 to 100 kmh or 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 15 seconds.

According to AutomotiveWorld, BAIC also established the Beijing New Energy Automotive Co., a clean car manufacturing plant capable of building up to 50,000 EVs and 100,000 hybrid models a year.  This is of importance as more and more the topic of how green cars are is being raised.

While quality concerns are still being raised around Chinese vehicles, the country is starting to roll out such cars and will only improve their reliability in order to start exporting soon.

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