13 EV Union For Electrification Coalition

Nissan Leaf, Picture by Nick Zart
Nissan Leaf, Picture by Nick Zart

13 groups are banding to pressure the U.S. government to adopt measures for the quick adoption of electric vehicles, EV.

The gist is that unions can help push an agenda, the trick is to have the right unions gather for the right causes.  In order to barrage a growing force of lobby mounting on Washington Capitol for petroleum and coal related projects, a group of 13 EV related industry players have formed to pressure the U.S. to adopt measures for the faster introduction and adoption of EVs.

Lucky 13.  13 is a good number especially when it comes to pushing a government into measures favorable for EVs.  Companies such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Nissan, GridPoint, A123Systems, Johnson Controls-Saft, and Kleiner Perkins, amongst others found a new alliance called the Electrification Coalition with a shared vision for how to transition the vehicle fleet off of gasoline and onto the electric grid, according to Earth2Tech.

In essence, those members represent a combined market cap of more than $100 billion, making them heavy hitters with a better chance to sway the government.  Their mission statement advocates: “promote government action to facilitate deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale…”

This new coalition paves the way to go into the future with calls for revising building codes to require wiring for 220-volt charge points in newly constructed homes, providing government loan guarantees for retooling auto assembly lines and tax credits for installation of automotive-grade batteries in stationary applications.

What is special about this coalition?  It is a mixture of utilities and other private companies that have started working together and realize how important it is to put up a unified front in order to force a government facing a rise in vested interest lobbies.  It not only serves a good purpose at this stage of the EV introduction game but also shows the way forward as more and more alliance form strategic partnerships.

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