February 8, 2016

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Introducing the Nissan Leaf, by Nick Zart

Introducing the Nissan Leaf, by Nick Zart

Yesterday we looked at the launch of the Nissan Leaf and comments by Carlos Ghosn.  Today, we take a quick look at the Leaf up close and a short test drive of the electric Versa EV-12.

The gist is that driving an electric vehicle, EV is always fun and never fails to give you that famous EV grin.  It also dawned on us that the Leaf looks a lot better than on pictures.  We hope our will help convey that notion.

Test Driving The Versa EV-12.  In a nutshell, the electric Versa EV-12 is technically a Leaf on a Versa platform.  The two cars should be similar in terms of weight and performance.  The Versa is a well engineered EV.  It was smooth but had enough oomph to satisfy most.  This means it is quick enough to get on the highway, move out of trouble and certainly a good city car.

While the drive was short, we witnessed all the obvious in an EV, great handling due to a lowered center of gravity with batteries placed low in the vehicle.  The regenerative braking was very, very smooth and this is probably one of the highlight of the car.  It will not be much of a change going from an automatic to what the Leaf should be.  This should be a very strong selling point for Nissan.  Many people will like the smooth regenerative braking and will not need to readjust to an electric motor.  Nissan is also promising two settings, one smooth and one a little more pronounced.

All in all, the car should please any of its potential drivers.  It is easy to drive and shows Nissan has put some serious thoughts into it.  It should also easily serve the needs for city dwellers, even those who need to do some highway traveling.  Final thoughts, the Leaf looks much better then on pictures.  On pictures it gave us a sense of a bug-eyed fish but up close looked more streamlined, and definitely modern looking.

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