February 9, 2016

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Zenn City

Zenn City

Here is a look at what is happening worldwide with the electric drive and related stories.

  • ClipperCreek Charging Station.  ClipperCreek is announcing a new charging stations available immediately, according to their press release on Reuters.  The company announced a fully compatible SAE-J1772 Level 2 upgrade package available for $2,000 in early 2010 UL listed.
  • HEVs and EVs About Making Noise.  The debate is still on about whether or not hybrids, HEV and pure electric cars, EVs should make noise to warn pedestrians and cyclists.  The EnergyCollective, via Joseph Romm asks the question to none other than Chelsea Sexton and has intriguing insights.  All in all, both drivers and pedestrians need to be careful, period.
  • BYD At The 7th China International Automobile Exhibition.  BYD will show its 3 HEVs and EVs, the F3DM, F6DM, and e6 at the 7th China International Automobile Exhibition on November 24 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, according to Alibaba.
  • More On The Los Angeles Auto Show 2009 Design Challenge.  New concepts never cease to amaze us with these fascinating and sleek ideas via RegHardware.
  • Volt SS Anyone? For those who are having an already hard time wrapping their heads around the Volt, GM is also flirting with the idea of a SS version of the Volt, according to fellow Examiner Philip Alex.  What, how, where and when?  It is a possibility according to Lutz.  Anything for a little publicity and we are eager to see how a Volt can be turned into a SS.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more.

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