February 13, 2016

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Sinautec Ultracapacitor bus

Sinautec Ultracapacitor bus

Electric Car Company, Inc. will help a West Palm Beach, U.S. company convert buses and other sorts of transportation to electricity.

The gist is that many electric companies are choosing to work directly with municipalities and help them build an infrastructure for electric vehicles, EV.  Both win at this game.  Municipalities offer clean green transportation and alleviate pollution while electric car companies continue to push forward the electric drive momentum and their specific technology.

Helping Electrifying MunicipalitiesElectric Car Company, Inc. is a company that specializes in the conversion and manufacturing of electric vehicles, EV for fleets.  According to their press release, they won a lucrative Letter Of Intent with another electric car company, Electric Vehicle Performance Conversions of West Palm Beach, Florida, EVPC in order to work together and provide a complete turnkey, electric power conversion exclusively for the Company’s line of Livery and Fleet vehicles.  This will include specialty buses for commuter, transit, and limousine and sightseeing transportation industries.

Why is this important?  While most car makers grab the sensational headlines, smaller companies are working day-to-day bringing the electric drive closer.  By tapping into municipalities, these small companies have access to funds and greater coverage for their technologies.  We say, well played.

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