A Daily Electric Car News Jolt

Lightning GT
Lightning GT

Here is a look at what is happening with electric cars around the world.

  • Do It Yourself EV? For many the thought of making your own EV or converting a car to electricity is an alluring prospect but there are three things to take into consideration, cost, which determines speed, range and parts, according to CBElectricCar.  Of course you can browse Electricnick and go to DIYElectricCar.
  • SAIC Readies EV By 2012.  SAIC announced it will have its plug-in hybrid, PHEV electromechanical coupling technology, its new-energy industrial chain with the technology applied to electric-driven transmissions ready by 2012, according to Alibaba.
  • Another School EV Conversion Project.  According to DigTriad, North Carolina State University students are converting a GM to compete for a $80,000 prize.
  • Brammo Presses Government For Equality Funding.  Why are car makers only receiving advantages loan and awards for three and four-wheeled electric vehicles and not motorcycle makers?  This is something Brammo has taken to heart when they drove across country to make their case at the White House.  See the press release here.
  • Mavizen, TTXGP And Auto-Cycle Union.  A little more on the teaser leaks of the Mavizen project and the TTXGP having reached an agreement with the Auto-Cycle Union, ACU, according to our friend David Herron o the Examiner.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.