February 6, 2016

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Toyota EV iQ

Toyota EV iQ

So what is going on with the electric car world?  Plenty…

  • Azure Dynamics Builds Ford Transit Connect After Smith Electric Vehicles Says No.  Interesting twist as Azure Dynamics agrees build Ford’s upcoming electric Transit Connect after Smith Electric Vehicles decided not to, according to Edmunds.
  • BMW Mulls Over EV Production Market Segment.  If the Germans were slow to embrace electric vehicles, EV BMW is now seriously considering what market segment it will reach out for, according to AutoBlogGreen.
  • SABA Motors Carbon Zero.  Welcome another electric vehicle, EV startup, SABA Motors, according to AutoBlogGreen.  This new Silicon Valley EV startup is putting the finishing touches on its prototypes with lofty plans to compete in the Progressive X-Prize and hopefully the TTXGP.  Worth watching for: aluminum chassis with carbon-fiber body, lithium batteries from ThunderSky, range around 120 ~ 140 miles, might have battery-swappable capable and 0 to 60 around 5 seconds.
  • V2G, Good But Implementation Difficult.  Andy Buchman at SmartGridNews offers the pros and cons of V2G.  The gist?  We need V2G but more utilities and car makers need to gather around a coherent approach to it.
  • Solar Energy Demands Water.  While we can turn solar energy into electron via photovoltaic panel, another system is to heat water into steam and activate a turbine to make electricity.  The latter is a great idea but in places where sun light is rich and water is at a premium, it could hinder its adoption, via EcoGeek.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more.

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