February 12, 2016

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A nice nod at how much Mitsubishi has worked on its electric vehicle, EV the iMiEV.

The gist is that as we are all aware, designing a new technology, such as an EV is not small task.  Mitsubishi’s iMiEV has been awarded Japan’s prestigious Car of the Year advanced technology award.  Congratulations!

Center Stage Through The Small Door.  While everyone is busying around the main headlines, such as the Tesla Roadster, Fisker’s Karma or the Volt, Mitsubishi has quietly continued its work by reaching out to fleets.  While knowing very well little consumers would dish out close to $50,000 for an electric vehicle, EV, the smartest steps was to appeal to fleets.  Fleets has a shorter radii and plenty of opportunity to recharge.  As such, Mitsubishi reaches out to companies with deeper pockets where such an EV actually reduces their overall costs.  In the meantime, the company can strengthen its contacts, partnerships and continue to develop while lowering the cost of the iMiEV when it reaches show floors.

Mitsubishi is the other niche company that has given the automobile world hot cars that have been raced throughout the globe.  As for the future, Mitsubishi needs to take a bold leap forward if it wants to snap the once in a lifetime chance to leap frog the competition.  Its competitors are heavier to maneuver and far too conservative.  Again, the smaller companies will push the competition forward.

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