February 12, 2016

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Zero Motorcycles  Zero S

Zero Motorcycles Zero S

No doubt about it, electric vehicle, EV races are popping up here and there.  It is a question of time before it catches on.

The gist is that the adrenaline filled fanatics will not catch on to the EV grin until they tried one and raced them.  With the advent of the first TTXGP that happened a while back at no less than the Isle Of Man, the word has been spread, EVs have plenty to offer.  So how about a second one?

TTXGP II.  If the first race chose one of the most gruesome track, the Isle Of Man, the second one will be held at the SEMA in Las Vegas, U.S. on November 3rd, at 13:05 PST.  The Mavizen TTX02 promises to bring EV races even more in the limelight.

Why is this important?  The greatest marks in history have chosen races to highlight their technologies and prove their cars had the right stuff.  Whether you research into Alfa Romeo’s glorious past, from Bugatti to Ferrari, all those companies helped promote their technology and develop the efficiency of their less than efficient internal combustion engines, ICE.  This time, the electric motor is taking take center stage so that one day you will be able to tell your grandchildren: “Yes, I witnessed the transition from gas to electricity and saw the first races”.

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