February 10, 2016

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Reva NXR

Reva NXR

News of Reva building its next generation of electric cars in New York state and more on electric vehicles, EV.

  • Fisker Heads To Delaware, U.S..  According to AutoBlogGreen, Fisker has set its eyes on Delaware GM’s former production facility that will produce the lower-cost plug-in hybrid, PHEV Nina.
  • Half The U.S. Could Meet Energy Demand Through Local Renewable Energy.  Very positive news with a survey from the the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, ILSR that fond 23 U.S. states could meet all of their electric power needs with renewable energy sources available within their boundaries, according to a report from, according to SmartGridNews.
  • Zinc Air Batteries Boost.  The Zinc air battery technology is getting another boost, according to Gas2. Advanced Power and Energy Sources Transportation, APET in Hong Kong have already developed their proven technology on the small scale with hearing aid batteries.  This shows great potential for EV use since zinc air batteries only need zinc, air and water to produce electricity.
  • Daimler Gets Serious About EVs.  Daimler just announced a deal with SK Energy to supply lithium-ion batteries for a hybrid electric vehicle project for the company’s commercial vehicle subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso, of which Daimler holds 85%, according to GreenCarCongress.  The company also commits to an A-Class EV by 2010.
  • EV’s Are Hitting The Prime Time.  As the LA Times comment on how EVs are everywhere with the sister plug-in hybrids, PHEV, Paul Scott tales a moment to reflect and offers more insight on his blog, EVs and Energy.  The gist?  Changing a battery pack does not cost an arm and a leg once you factor in the price of gas and maintenance over the same period the battery pack lasted.  And for those that still like to cling to the lack of recycling theory, you know that no longer holds true.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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