February 13, 2016

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Laminar Dynamic Aerodynamics

Laminar Dynamic Aerodynamics

The world of electric car offers much possibilities and has opened up designer’s long left behind innovations.

The gist is that after decades of boring, drab designs meant to win over a vast majority of the population than to inspire emotion, the advant of the electric vehicle, EV has rekindled an art that was on its way out…  inspiring designs.

Inspiring Designs, Effective Designs.  Inspiring and wild designs do not have to equate to weird and ineffective vehicles.  Henceforth this Laminar concept car from designer Daniel Fitzgerald.  Daniel feels this will be a reality in 2020.  We see the point.

Technically Speaking.  Formula 1 and other high-end race sports can adjust the aerodynamics on their cars for any given tracks.  Some tracks have more straight aways and require more down force.  If down force is good to keep the car on the road, it also slows it down.  On tracks with more turns, cars need less down force.  So how about an EV that you can tweak according to your desires on the go?

Lamina, Driver Custom Tailored.  The Lamina allows a driver to tweak its aerodynamic efficiently.  The front wing can change from flat to a 45 degree angle that creates the right amount of down force for hard cornering.  The driver seats in the intelligent forward position with up to two passengers behind.  Sounds like a McLaren.

It is good to see innovations well and alive.  What is even better is that some of them will influence the future of our EVs.

Via AutoMoto.

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