February 9, 2016

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Envision Solar

Envision Solar

Envision Solar is making sure it is also present on the solar energy market with shaded parking lots.

The gist is that it makes sense to park your electric vehicle, EV under the shade of a parking spot that would happen to have solar panels on top.  You would be able to recharge your car during the day and double your drivable mileage.  Imagine a car that gets you 100 miles, you drive 20 to 50 miles to work but now, you have almost the entire 100 miles again at the end of the day.  Couple this to the fact that you can get a smart meter and resell your excess energy next day, and you have a pretty good idea of what the future could look like.

Envision Solar Shades Parking Spots.  Parking spots are a great unused real estate.  They sit there, begging for solar panels and EVs to plug into them.  Steps in Envision Solar.  According to their press release, the company is working on their configuration Solar Trees®, they called Solar Grove®, which produces more than 130kW of solar power, helping avoid 145,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Why is this important?  As more and more businesses realize the importance of having an electric outlet for future EVs parked during the day, they will also see the importance of a substantial solar array to lower energy consumption and why not, even sell some back to utilities.

Ot is a whole new different workld out there.

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