February 10, 2016

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Daimler Smart ForTwo

Daimler Smart ForTwo

Here is a look at what is happening worldwide with electric cars and related topics.

  • New York State Smart Grid Consortium Vies Funds.  The New York State Smart Grid Consortium, a non-profit made up of New York-based utilities and businesses, is positioning itself to get a piece of the Department of Energy’s, DoE funds.  This would result in 3,800 jobs by 2010 and the DoE would shell out $1.36 billion, according to Earth2Tech.
  • Tokyo Auto Show, Car Maker Strategy Preview.  The Tokyo Auto Show is giving us a glimpse of how car makers are differing on what strategies to adopt for the future of the electric drive.  According to the NYTimes, Toyota is banking on good old hybrid, while Honda is differentiating itself by adopting the electric vehicle, EV platform, as is Nissan.
  • Nissan’s Electric Audi A3 And BMW M1 Competitor.  It is clear that Nissan is out to give Audi and BMW some heat, as AutoExpress reported by introducing an all electric challenger.
  • US West Cost Electric Corridor.  The Western electric corridor is getting bigger after the Los Angeles to San Francisco electric charging stations are being installed, the Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada one will be open with the help of $100 million grant from the Department of Energy, according to Huliq.
  • Nissan Second Battery Generation.  Nissan is already working on a second generation battery that will be lighter and cheaper, according to AutoNews.  The batteries will be sold to competitors and could eventually be handed off to third party once Nissan works out the weight to cost ratio.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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