A Daily Jolt Of Electric Cars

The Trabant electric
The Trabant electric

As the world turns, so do new electric car ideas emerge.

  • Siemens North America Order.  Siemens won a $900 million to supply wind farms in the U.S. and Canada, according to Bloomberg.  The company will deliver about 250 turbines with a total capacity of 565 megawatts for two onshore wind farms in Ontario, Canada, and one each in California, Oklahoma, Washington and Wyoming.
  • California And China, Solar Energy Leaders.  Both California and China are at the forefront of solar energy with Solarfun that  has already raised Q3 shipment to exceed 100MW and Trina Solar module demand picking up, according to Seeking Alpha.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger approved a new subsidy for solar power on Monday and joined forces with the federal government to fast-track renewable energy projects.  As far as China, demand is picking up at faster pace than expected, according to Best Solar’s Peng Xiaofeng at the 2009 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Forum & Exhibition that projects 1GW demand in the country and 10GW worldwide in 2010.
  • Lighting Electric Motorcycle Hits 160.408mph.  Aaron Frank’s electric motorcycle hit 160.48mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, as you can read on their MotorcyclistOnline.  What is important about it?  Short of the speed in itself, reading it will give you a good idea what these guys have to go through.
  • Brammo Wants Obama’s Attention. Brammo Motorcycles’ lead designer Brian Wismann and Crispin’s Dave Schiff are riding their Inertia motorcycles across the U.S. to Washington D.C. in order to emulate Detroit’s ex-Big Three when tey were asking for bail out loans, according to CreativityOnline.  A good way to say the little guys also have great products and have traditionally been the power behind innovations.
  • U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Irking Members.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is indulging in a dodgy practice of lobby-ism and other shady deals, according to GreenEconomyPost.  Some members are pulling out and it shows that some groups still do not have a clue that times have changed.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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