February 11, 2016

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Ed Kjaer in the Garage of the Future

Ed Kjaer in the Garage of the Future

Would not it be great if we could harvest our own electricity, run our cars on it, pollute close to nothing and heck, why not get paid for it?  We could be a step closer…

The gist is that the electric vehicle, EV revolution means more than just zippy performance, no pollution and freedom from petroleum.  It also opens the door to a complete different way of how we use energy and create it.  Many already harvest the sun and wind’s energy for electricity.  How about selling it back to utilities?

Buy EVs, Get Paid For It.  That is pretty much what John Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told utilities that handle grid operations, according to PhysOrg.  By connecting electric vehicles, EV and plug-in hybrids, PHEV about 22 hours on the grid, utilities could reimburse car owners for the battery storage.  What this means, as we wrote previously from Paul Scott’s EV and Energy blog is that EV and PHEV battery packs could help you earn a little cash back, offsetting the initial purchase.  You could also use your older pack as a secondary storage solution for home.

EVs and PHEVs Offload And Balance The Grid.  EVs and PHEVs could help offload the grid by having a rolling stock of batteries send up extra or unused electricity into the grid.  Of course, this also mean a V2G systems that needs to be in place in order to make the grid a smart one.

What this means is that potentially, consumers will be able to store energy at home during the cheaper night time rates and sell it back next morning for more.

The implications are huge and it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts to this.  This new shift would allow consumers to become active partners with energy producers and could herald a much needed relationship change in the future.

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