February 11, 2016

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A123 Systems is flying high with its IPO and its increased numbers on shares offered.

The gist is that it is always nice to see a deserving company being launched into the trading world, especially when it is making high-end quality batteries.  A123 Systems has had a good week with its successful IPO as it raised the numbers of shares from 25 million to 28.1, selling them at $13.50, according to John Petersen at Seeking Alpha.

A123 Systems On top Of The U.S. Market.  A123 Systems certainly has done well this year.  Its products have been associated with high-end projects, including the record breaking KillaCycle dragster that is getting ready to challenge the overall record.

The Meaning Of An Electric IPO.  The message a high profile IPO as this one sends is that battery makers in the electric drive industry are becoming more and more an alluring investment.  According to Reuters, this IPO had the second best debut of any companies for 2009.  Not a small feast.

A123 Systems will help pave the way to show these new companies are not only sustainable but offer a great return on investments, ROI also.

As more companies in this sector receive coverage and good news as these, they will show up more on the radar of investors.  After that, the only we will need to worry about is what happened in the first place, over-confidence and little long-term strategic planning.

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