February 10, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

IBM has been very active on the green front, this time wanting startups entrepreneur to be able to help revamp the aging grid.

The gist is that if the race is on to develop all electric vehicles, EV and advanced plug-in hybrids, PHEV, in order for the electric grid to sustain tomorrow’s draw on energy, it will need to be upgraded.  Many companies are working on designing smarter systems, developing better alternative energy methods and ways of efficiently transporting it.  IBM has been a big player in this field.

The Glue Between The Grid And Startups.  IBM has been developing software to better manage the upcoming smart grid.  A new software called, SAFE is being billed as a glue between utilities and third-party smart grid vendors, according to Earth2Tech. One of the great aspects of this software is that any smart appliance, ranging from smart fridges to intelligent phones can be made compatible with SAFE, which utilities could easily and quickly integrate into their networks.

How Serious Is SAFE? Apparently, SAFE is being backed by key players in the industry, namely; ESRI, SISCO, Retriever Communications, Trilliant, BPL Global, Coulomb Technologies, eMeter, Enterprise Information Management, Itron, OSIsoft and PowerSense.  All have compatible SAFE appliances.

This is yet another right step in the right direction as we desperately need to upgrade our energy infrastructure to accommodate tomorrow’s demand.

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