February 9, 2016

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Toyota is still not sure about the feasibility of of electric vehicles, EV sending once again mix messages.

The gist is that while every car maker is showing interest, if not at least a will to show they can do serious research on future electric vehicle, EV technology.  Toyota has been notoriously less than enthusiastic in the past.

Toyota Not Sure About EVs.  The company is still not sure about EVs, according to a CNET article.  It is a shame as it announces a full electric car by 2015 immediately followed with negative comments on the capacity and maturity of the technology.

Even though the company has been testing lithium batteries for some time, it now plans to include them in its upcoming Prius versions, but still will not fully back EVs.  What is strange about this is that Toyota is neither in the camp of Mazda that clearly says EVs are too far away and that the internal combustion engine, ICE has a long future.  Neither does it commit to the EV proponent club, such as Nissan, Tesla Motors, etc.  At the very least, VW and Audi who also share the same feelings towards EVs actually show products and defend them.  Toyota is adopting a strange position which makes us wonder how it will effect the mark going forward.

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