February 13, 2016

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The Frankfurt Auto Show

So far the Frankfurt Auto Show has been a good way to measure what is happening in the industry.

The gist is that a little more halfway through 2009, it is amazing to see how most car makers have turned around, at least on paper.  All things considered, if most were hiding their heads under the sand a year ago, as the Lehman Brothers fiasco was getting into full swing, car makers were starting to feel the squeeze.  In a year, most have adopted a fuel efficiency mentality, many are bringing out hybrids and some have gone as far as showing working prototypes of electric vehicles, EV.

Reva NXR.  Reva did show its NXR and the NXG, which we mentioned before.

No Italian Hybrids Or Electrics.  The no show came from Italy where no car makers had any hybrids to show, let alone electric cars.

The Auto Show.  All in all, it is a different auto industry than it was last year.  Even at the edge of the precipice, beleaguered GM was throwing $5 million parties to unveil cars, and was not alone.  If 1,046 companies at the show in 2007, only 753 came this year.  Indeed, 2007 might have been its biennial, we are witnessing a far more sober 2009 industry.

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