February 12, 2016

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Honda is finally warming up to the idea of an electric vehicle, EV that should appear by 2015, well behind its rivals.

The gist is that the two Japanese car makers have been more than lukewarm when it comes to EVs.  Both companies have been sending mixed messages and are tip toeing around the concept.  Toyota says it is committed, only to be followed by comments saying  battery technology is not mature enough yet.  Honda is announcing an EV by 2015.

Honda, Slowly Bringing Out An EV.  Even though it is not a full fledged announcement, the WSJ says executives are likely to have an EV by 2015.  The company expects to show a prototype of the battery car it plans to launch in the U.S. next month’s Tokyo auto show.

Why is Honda finally talking about an EV? According to executives, the global rising interest in fuel economy is pushing the company to look into battery-powered vehicles, as well as to meet the ever tightening requirements in the U.S. for more fuel-efficient cars.

Good news, but do not get fooled.  Apparently the company still believes hybrids, HEV and thrifty internal combustion engines, ICE are the way to go forward.  In a decade we will see if the proverbial early bird gets the worm is true, indeed.

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