February 13, 2016

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When you hear naysayers dissing electric vehicle, EV battery life cycle, it is sometimes hard to choose whether to educate them or just give up.  Educate them, say we!

The gist is that plenty of misinformation abound when it comes to EV and the idea here at Electricnick is to do as much as possible to educate readers as to what really is going in the EV world.  The rest, you can make up your mind on your own without being told what to think.

The Life Cycle Debate.  Let us know if you have heard this one before: “Yeah but electric car batteries will be obsolete in a few years and think of the environmental consequences.”  One of our first reaction is to ask them about if their gas guzzling car consequence is any better, but that would lead us from the task.  First, lithium battery packs can be recycled up to abut 90% according to what we heard at the Plug In 2009.

Old Battery Packs As Home Systems.  Paul Scott on his EV and Energy blog makes a good point that an old EV battery pack, no longer fit to drive your EV actually makes for a fantastic home energy storage system.  Old electric car battery packs can have a second useful life as a home energy storage unit where you could charge up during the low nigh price and either reuse during the day or sale back to the utility.  This should calm a few excited souls about the unfounded harm with lithium batteries.

Just another thing you can educate your nay-saying friends as they repeat what they might hear without giving it much thoughts.

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