February 8, 2016

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Audi’s remark about the Volt being for idiots will spark a lot of controversy, but is there any truth to it?

The gist is that a sophisticated plug-in hybrid, PHEV like the Volt, or an extended range electric vehicle, E-Rev is an impressive piece of technology, but is Audi of America’s President Johan de Nysschen calling it a car for idiot too much?

Volt For Dummies.  Johan de Nysschen is not one to mince his word and as was reported in Reuters, when he said the Volt will fail and that anybody who buys the car is an idiot.  While a competitor might wish the Volt to fail, is it wise to call its would-be buyers “idiots”?  He goes a step further by saying EV lovers are: “intellectual elite who want to show what enlightened souls they are.”  This, at least gives us a clear idea as to where Audi is heading and its dislike of EVs.

This reveals Audi’s lack of grasp of the changing market and tremendous research investment in diesel.  Diesel will not last forever and it is understandable car companies who have placed their entire bets on it might feel skittish.  Yes, $40,000 for a car that is not “luxury” might be much but we are talking about bleeding edge technology buyers, a totally different type than Audi is used to.

If diesel pollutes less than gasoline, its performance has been steadily rising and offers a challenge to hybrids.  What Nysschen is not seeing is the bigger picture that many consumers are tired of gas polluting engines and want to make a statement.  Then again, if you were heavily invested in internal combustion engines, ICE, you might be a little defensive.  Ideally, why not use diesel in the Volt?  It would be cheaper and greatly improve its mileage.

You can read more on the press release on AutoBlogGreen.

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