February 14, 2016

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The KillaCycle has certainly been a cause in furthering the image that electric vehicles, EV are not wimps.  Its future looks even brighter.

The gist is that we spoke of the amazing journey of the KillaCycle.  Ever improving its record breaking runs, the KillaCycle is set to beef itself up.

Technically Speaking.  Apparently, Bill Dube thinks he can squeeze more performance into his dragster.  Currently, it is well aspected with 2 advanced DC L-91 4003 electric motors, originally designed to sustain 130 continuous amps but actually getting a full blown 1,800 when racing.  They were originally designed for 72 to 120 volts but currently get jolted at 374 volts.  The two electric motors use a CafeElectric Zilla2K-HV controller capable of handling 2,000 amps.  The best part of it is that none of the A123 Systems batteries have ever had to be changed after racing, a testament to their quality.  The results are impressive with a 7.824 second for the quarter mile run.

The current motorcycle dragster record is set at 5.799 seconds on a turbo nitro powered bike, weighing 468kg for 1,000hp.  Bill thinks he can finally win the record with his next project, AC motors, a new frame, next generation A123 Systems batteries and 385kg for about 1,000hp new electric KillaCycle dragster.

A testament that the electric drive will be a favored with muscle cars.  In the meantime, we keep an eye on his next endeavor.  Hang on…

More info:  Watch for the KillaCycle adventures here.

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