February 10, 2016

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Once in a while, you are in front of something that defies rationality and bubbles with performance fever.  Our editor Nick Zart got to spend some time with the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

The gist is that while we love electric vehicles, EV and the Lightening GTS is the epitome of what the ultimate EV should be like, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is its equivalent in the internal combustion engine, ICE world.

The Civilized Beast.  At close to $300,000 and only 75 delivered in the states, with only 200 made, the 8C is a very limited edition of what Alfa Romeo can do, and has done repeatedly in the past.  The 8C is what an ultimate GT should and can be.  When we got a chance to spend some time behind its wheels, our first question was, when will EVs get this kind of performance and all around class?

Technically Speaking.  Boasting 450hp, this car roars to life when the engine flies past 4,000rpm.  In fact, Alfa Romeo did such a brilliant job with the sound of the engine, you rarely feel the need to step into higher gear.  But where Alfa Romeo also excelled is making this beast very civilized and a perfect GT for Nappa valley wine cruising, where we tested it.

Hand sawn leather seats, high carbon material use, the question begs to be asked, when will we see this in the EV world?  If the Tesla Motors Roadster is the poster child of any EV aficionado, it is a good first step and offers a lot of performance with decent luxury.  We feel, in many ways the Lightening GTS, whenever it will be delivered will be the 8C Competizione of the EV world.  It offers alike performance, if not better and stunning lines with a luxurious interior.

In the meantime, we can only dream one day Alfa Romeo will deliver an electric 8C Competizione.  After all, Mercedes is working on its electric SLC.

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