February 6, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a look at what is happening worldwide with electric vehicles, EV.

  • Toyota’s New 2011 Hybrid.  According to an AFP newswire, Toyota is readying a new hybrid, HEV that would have better performance than its Prius.  Based on the Vitz, it will get at least one more mile per gallon than the Prius and be priced around $15,600.  Good news but when are we going to see a plug in hybrid, PHEV?
  • Switch To Gallon Per Miles.  It is true that our Miles Per Gallon, MPG estimates leave much to be desired.  Mother Nature Network also agrees a switch to the more accurate gallons per mile would reflect a better idea of a car’s real fuel mileage.  We will write more on that later.
  • Nissan Learns From GM’s EV1.  It is interesting to see that Nissan was eager to learn from the mistakes GM made with its EV1.  According to Garry Witzenberg at AutoBlogGreen, the two company had/have similar approaches in how they have/had introduced their respective EVs.  Interesting comparison.
  • Comparing The Leaf To The Volt.  We wonder if comparing the Leaf to the Volt is even worth it?  After all, they are not only different, one is an advanced hybrid, the other a pure electric and mostly, the price difference will still make the Leaf stand out.  However, as a secondary car, the Volt might be a good bet.  MotorTrend.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.