February 7, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Day two at the Plug In 2009 conference was interesting with more about where car makers and the incredible startups are.

We met with Mark Perry from the Nissan team and will have an interview tomorrow morning.  EVBoulder made it with their funky but aerodynamic all electric cargo.  The striking things about it, a grounds up designed and built cargo van.  We will have an interview with them soon.

We will also have an interview and a tour of the office soon with UQM Technologies.

We met with Lucious Garage‘s owner, Carolyn Coquillette.  The important part about the garage?  It’s an all girl team that specializes in hybrid repairs on San Francisco.  She gave us a tour of her amazing plug-in hybrid, Prius.  More on that soon, also.

It was nice meeting with Ron Young with GM showing off a cutaway of the Voltec platform.  Equally nice was talking to Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of REV, Rapid Electric Vehicle.  A great young dynamic Canadian company that is ready to turn these fleet ready to retire into full electric vehicles, EV.  They mostly work on Fords but will work on other platforms.  They are partnered with Enova who brought their 140 miles range all electric cargo which will make a good comparison to the EVBouler one.

Stay tune for more.

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