February 14, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Development in lithium battery technology have been fast paced and furious.  New breakthrough in Lithium Air show even more promise.

The gist is that the Achilles Heel of electric vehicle, EV is the battery technology.  Batteries have to become lighter and pack more energy if we are to break through the 300 + mile range.  Until then, naysayers will used the FUD, fear, uncertainty and doom “range anxiety” leitmotiv over and over.

Lithium Air Extends Its Capacity.  If the lithium chemistry used for most lithium battery seems to the de facto choice, other systems are developing rapidly.  Lithium Sulfur made a great splash a few months ago and Lithium Air is now coming back with improved performance.

A team of Japanese researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST have been working on a lithium air cell that have greater storage capacity.  It could be a game changer in the lithium battery field.   The important break through is that an EV driver would refill without waiting for batteries to be recharged.  Hello transcontinental trips!

To combat the clogging on the air electrodes, or cathodes during discharge, an organic electrolyte on the metallic lithium, anode side and an aqueous electrolyte on the cathode (air) side is used.  The two electrolytic solutions do not mix and therefore cannot clog the cathodes.  How serious is it?  Continuous discharging of 50,000 mAh/g (per unit mass of the carbon, catalyst and binder) has been experimentally confirmed, according to Gas2.

News like this bring long range EV reality closer.

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