February 9, 2016

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PHEVs could help control climate in Canada’s Alberta province.

The gist is that we have been hearing for some time how the adoption of hybrid vehicles, HEV, especially plug-in hybrid, PHEV could or could not positively effect the fight against greenhouse gases.  A new study from the electrical engineers at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering seems to point toward the positive aspects.

Oh Canada.  According to a GreenCarCongress post, a recent study on the environmental benefit of a large-scale deployment of PHEVs in the province of Alberta, Canada could result in a 40% to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gases, GHG.  The current deployment of energy utilities are 49% coal fired, 39% gas-fired, 7% hydro, while only 4% is wind powered.  Alberta Electric System Operator, AESO has close to 11 GW in wind power, it wants to compete against the polluting thermal energy producers.  More than 90% of electricity in Alberta is produced by means that pollute with high levels of GHG.

Tricky Political And Business Stakes.  Alberta has the highest amount of thermal electric power in the country but also has the majority of oil-sands production. The idea would be to use PHEVs as a distributed storage system, which could be further promoted the increasing use wind energy as intermittent solution.

It is a good plan if it is conducted in a well considered and balanced way.

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