February 8, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

The electric drive revolution has certainly allowed automobile engineers to once again exercise their creativity.  A much needed relief form the lull of modern cars.

  • Holden’s Volt.  If GM has the Volt, Holden has access to the technology and apparently the company is putting its own twist on the concept.  The result?  A 640 miles, due out by 2012 at $55,000, according to CoolElectricCars.
  • Electric Chinese Panda.  The car, not the real thing.  According to Gas2, the Chinese car Panda is due for an electrification sometime this year.  It LC-E lithium-ion battery, 340V charge system, max. speed of 40 mph, and a range of 50 miles.
  • Lithium Explained.  Great article from EDN that explains the hows of lithium batteries.  Take away?  The chemistry might change but the basic principle is here to stay.
  • Miami Adopts Electric Recharging Stations.  Good to hear Florida is working on its electric vehicle’s, EV recharging infrastructure with Miami through one man’s vision, according to the MiamiHerald.
  • BMW X6 Hybrid.  BMW is getting its X6 hybrid, HEV ready, at last according to ElectricCarBlogging.
  • Minneapolis’ Smart Gird.  For the past year Minneapolis residents of the Wright Hennepin Cooperative Association have been using with success a a private licensed 700 MHz wireless system from Arcadian Networks that ties in many products, according to SmartGridNews.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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