February 10, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

When we started Electricnick over a year ago, we were stunned there were no magazines dedicated to the electric vehicle, EV in general, whether we are talking about hybrids, HEV, fuel cell, FCV or pure EVs.

The gist is that in order to look for EV related news, you must gather resources around the internet, traditional print and the odd piece here and there in more traditional magazines.  Of course, you could by-pass that path and come straight to Electricnick and read the news, as you already know.

EV Aggregators. News of Plug In America dedicating an entire page to plug-in vehicles with their production status, etc was a welcome addition.  What is going there?  An impressive list of cars, motorcycles and trucks and their due dates.

eBooks On The Way.  News of an eBook is being compiled by Electric-Cars-Today is also a welcome addition until we finally get our book out there.  We will be talking about the history of electric cars and specifically what did not work before and why, this time around it has become a survival strategy for most car makers.

Somehow, what we miss most are dedicated magazines.  Though a few float around, there are no entirely dedicated electric vehicle magazines out there you can get on the book shelves of Barnes and Noble or WS Smith.  We hope someone will jump on this idea as soon as possible and if they need help, we are sure a few of us would lend a hand.

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