February 8, 2016

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Ford has hit the accelerator pedal with a vengeance these last few months with the introduction of a well received Ford Fusion hybrid, talks of an all electric Ford Focus and the electric Transit van coming soon.

The gist is that a few months ago, not too many people would have forecast a recovery from the beleaguered Ford company.  Although it is not out of the woods yet, it has made an amazing comeback, at least in the press.

Fusion And Focus.  The Ford Fusion hybrid has received some great reviews, with attached to glory, a challenge that squeezed over a 1,000 miles on less than a tank of gas.  The car looks better in white that it did at the Los Angeles Auto Show in green, as we noted in a previous post and the interior is appealing.  But if the Fusion is still only a hybrid vehicle, HEV, the electric Ford Focus is a pure electric vehicle, EV and really perked our interest.  Started under a Magna project to electrifying a natural, the Ford Focus makes for a serious electric car contender, up there with the Nissan EV-02.  And chances are, we should actually see it hit the road in a few years.

The Other Electric Transit.  Finally, the electric version of the already popular Ford Transit was exactly what the company needed.  A mid-size van that makes sense for small and mid-size businesses where a full one would be too much.  And the results have been very positive.  Click here for a post we did on comparing the electric Transit to the Renault Kangoo.  The electric Transit can handle 1,760 pounds of cargo to a maximum range of 100 miles.  It will be a welcome relief for some businesses in the U.S..

Ford has a good line of hybrid and electric cars coming up.  Let us not forget that it already has the only hybrid SUV that beats even most hybrid cars in city driving with its Escape HEV SUV that gets 34mpg.  The hybrid Escape already has a strong following, most of whom are already looking forward to pure electric solutions.

Does it mean Ford is out of the woods?  Certainly not.  It does mean the company has finally put all its ducks in a row.  While not completely switching to the electric drive, the company realizes it first needs to squeeze a little more life out of its internal combustion engines, ICE through the use of smaller, more fuel efficient engines.  This could not come at a better time as gas price rises and the public interest with electric vehicles has taken the world by storm.  If Ford continues to play its cards well, it could end up well in front of its heavily backed competitors, GM and the Chrysler-Fiat merger.