February 11, 2016

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Now that GM’s future is becoming a little clear, although still chaotic, news of the Volt development and production is trickling.  Got to keep the interest going…

The gist is that one needs to beat the iron while it is white hot, or maybe really red hot as in the case with GM.  After succumbing to an obvious bankruptcy, the auto maker is still concentrating on its Volt savior as it slowly releases news.

The Volt Will Happen! At least, this is what GM is claiming, and if this report is to be trusted, it might even be introduced in China…  According to Freep, the Volt will be built and sold in China and sold in the U.S., also.  If the first few batch will be initially assembled in the U.S., all later models will be in China.

Ahead Of Schedule.  GM is ahead of schedule with its Volt, by two weeks and said it drove its first pre-production Volt, according to the KansasCity.

So the question still remains, will we have a million plug-in electric cars on the road by 2015?  If the startups are well funded, we should.  Hopefully, the bigger car makers can contribute a fair share.

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