February 14, 2016

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Versus that is the question…

The gist is that by now you should be aware that electric motorcycles are coming fast and furious in the electric vehicle EV race, outpacing sales of EV cars.  What’s all the hoopla about electric motorcycles?  Internal combustion engine, ICE motorcycles are mostly performance machines that have a strong following of dedicate adrenaline riders.  Nothing will do but a two wheelers.  If it was not for those ill-mannered four wheelers!

Two Electric Motorcycles Emerge.  At this point of the game, the two most prominent electric motorcycle companies are the U.S. based Zero Motorcycles and the Swiss based Quantya.  Both offer electric dirt bikes that have come up in the media often and have been raced.  Dirt Rider Magazine has spent some quality time with both bikes, off the pavement and the results are promising.

Pros And Cons.  While the magazine lists pros and cons, mainly centered around the fact that EVs are inherently different than ICE, what is striking was both are getting closer to the ideal electric motorcycle.  Dirt Rider Magazine praises the Quantya’s ergonomics and was enamored by the strength of the Zero-X’s battery system.  Which begs to ask the next logical question, when will both come out with a street bike?  While the Zero S is out due sometime soon, Quantya has not said it would.

The final conclusion is that both companies are working quietly making electric bikes a reality.  Their head start will clearly thrusts them forward into the future as the grand daddies of electric motorcycles.  By working slowly and methodologically, both will have second and third generation bikes that have worked out the kinks.  It is hope for EVs in general.  The real life tests, the more relevant they become.

In the meantime, KTM promises a dirtbike again, via AutoBlogGreen.

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