February 6, 2016

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If electric vehicles, EV get all the attention and electric motorcycles are coming up fast in the EV radar, electric trucks will revolutionize the heavy transport industry.

The gist is that most EV news is centered around personal transportation with the Tesla Roadster and other independent car markers.  Electric motorcycles are starting to impress veteran motorcycle riders.  Finally, hybrid public transportation is becoming a daily reality.  And now at last, the first electric trucks have been delivered in the Californian city of Santa Monica, via AutoBlogGreen.

Electrorides, The Zero Truck.  Yes, another “Zero” something and sooner than later, zero will be associated with all things green.  When we met with Electroride at the Santa Monica Alternative Energy Vehicle show in September 2008, we were impressed by their Zero Truck.  The company was optimistic that they would deliver them, but it was any one’s guest.

Technically Speaking.  The base price is $130,000, with a 60mph speed and a 65-75 miles city/highway range.  It takes about 12 hours to recharge on a 220-240V system and the anticipated life cycle of the batteries are good for 2500+ full charges.  There is a 5 year drivetrain from Electrorides.

Electrorides converts trucks, class 3 to 5 into EVs.  What is interesting for these trucks is that they meet the current needs for cities implementing tougher emmission cuts and lower their carbon foot print.  We are happy to see the city of Santa Monica is the first to buy one, hoping it will lead to many more.

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