February 13, 2016

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It is a long and arduous road, filled with fear, uncertainty and doom, otherwise known as FUD but someone has to do.  Thankfully, global awareness around alternative energy is being raised but a few traps are still out there.

The gist is that we do not want to appear on a holy quest, but rather one of allowing people to critically analyze upcoming technologies and deciding for themselves.  And therein lies the crux of the battle being raged under the radar of the news media, disinformation and overly simplistic analysis are being used to sway people.

The New Way, Same As The Old Way? Hopefully not, but it makes us wonder when we read about any alternative technology on the news how easy it is to manipulate the readership into adopting or rejecting the concepts.  What raised the idea for this post?  The carbon counter of greenhouse gases currently released in the atmosphere, via our friends over at EcoGeek.

The Deutsche Bank building in New York City came up with the idea that it could emulate awareness in the same way the nation’s debt has been portrayed on the 42nd street billboard.  While we feel this is an overall good idea, we wonder how will people react.  Consumers have a history of easily becoming excessive in their quest to better society.  We have already witnessed this with the sad attempts from the automobile industry and their old pocket rich backers petroleum friends with the “range anxiety” people fell prey to.

The billboard will have one positive consequence that of raising awareness around pollution.  Hopefully, it will not become yet another billboard where numbers roll over with little interest in them.

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