The electric car pieces come together

This might be the future of solar powered electric vehicles, EV but more seriously, it is small companies such as SolarCity working towards tomorrow’s transportation energy that makes it a reality.

  • Hybrids Get A Break At The Toll.  Some cities are giving hybrids a break at the toll, according to AJC.  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are doing… time to call your local toll both and flood them with letters.
  • Tapping The High Winds For Energy.  If wind turbines at land level are a good idea, mile high kites are akin to offshore wind farms, where the winds are constant and usually stronger.  According to this LiveScience article, the ideal target would be 30,000 feet.  Yes, right at the jet’s level.
  • Yamaha’s Hybrid.  If Yamaha working on a hybrid motorcycle, stated for 2010 might surprising to some, wait till you see what it looks like.  Source: GizMag Fascinating…
  • Intel Eying Alternatives.  Intel has been looking for a way to broaden its business and it seems it might be heading for the solar panel industry, according to this GreenTechMedia Seeking Alpha article.  The company has been doing some under the radar research into photovoltaic cells.
  • Japan Stock Market Rallies.  A strong demand in global hybrids has pushed Japanese batteries makers and has rallied the Nikkei, according to Forbes.

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