February 14, 2016

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What is the best way to introduce electric cars to the mass public, enough to entice the switch?

The gist is that while there are many ways to show how much sense electric vehicles, EV make, there might not be a single best way to introduce them to the general public.  However, aggressive tax incentives, rentals, car sharing and test drives might be part of the larger picture.

To Drive One Is To Love Them.  As we have mentioned before, it is not easy conveying why electric cars make more sense than internal combustion engines, ICE.  Yes, the 100% available torque as soon as the motor spins is a kick in the pants.  Yes, electric motors do not spew pollutants.  Yes, electricity is cheaper than gas on a per mile scenario.  But to really “get it” means you have to go and drive one.  Unfortunately, it is easier said than done.

Car Sharing Anyone? This is where things could get interesting for EVs.  Car sharing programs has been getting a lot of attention, from ZipCar to the new London, England car sharing system.  Upon a closer look, car sharing could be the boon EVs have been looking for.  Streetcar in the UK is now offering an adapted Toyota Prius at rates starting from £5.95 per hour, or about $10.

Not Just For The UK.  According to Gas2, Think City is trying to break into the U.S. market by giving group vehicle purchase incentives.  It would make for a perfect car rental and sharing program addition, among a few other EVs.

With more and more electric cars coming to the market, it would be a good thing for car sharing programs to adopt them.  This would have a two fold benefit, that of lowering congestion and pollution in cities, and mostly, it would give a chance for people to test drive and consider them as secondary cars, at least, in the meantime.

Source: StreetCar, CarRental, Gas2.

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