February 14, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

There is no denying we are on the way to replace the internal combustion engine, ICE with the electric motor.  Just one question though, what will we do with our old classics and collectors items?  Hopefully some clean fuel could power them from shows to shows.

  • Electric Airplane Sets Record.  We mentioned electric airplanes and this AutoBlogGreen news is a welcome update on the world record for the fastest speed, 155mph.  The Pioneer Alpi 300 should be able to reach 186mph.
  • 21% Lithium-Ion by 2011 For HEVs and EVs. That’s what Dr. Menahem Anderman, President of Advanced Automotive Batteries reported at the Long Beach convention center last week.  Source, GreenCarCongress.  Optimistic prediction?  Not all since it excludes engineering prototypes, the China market, battery packs made from 18650 consumer cells, and micro-hybrid applications.
  • $11 Million To Battery Makers.  The Department of Energy, DoE in the U.S. has awarded $11 million to a few promising battery makers; A123Systems which gets $1.1 million, Angstron Materials LLC, along with a few others for $1.6 million, EnerDelgets $3.3 million, MaxPower gets $500,000, North Carolina State University gets $1.35 million, SION Power Corporation gets $800,000, and TIAX LLC gets $2.36 million.  You can read more at the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy site.
  • Edmunds Test Drives The Subaru StellaEdmunds drove the Stella and finds it handles better than its gas version.

Never a dull moment in the EV world.  Stay tuned for more.

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