February 13, 2016

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BYD is a company to keep an eye out for.  The Chinese battery maker has transitioned into a car manufacturer and is going ahead as planned.

The gist is that BYD is a company unlike any other in China.  From a successful battery maker to a transition into the automotive world, what is less known about the new car maker is that it has achieved all this without government funds.  This makes that company a formidable contender for others.  It has a pioneering will unlike what we have seen in a long time, rivaled only by other entrepreneurs.

BYD In The NewsBYD is offering three models, two hybrids, HEV, the F3DM and the F6DM and the all electric E6.  The company has a simple strategy, become the number one EV car maker by 2020.  What makes BYD special is that it does not rely on any government funds.

To this date the company has had mitigated results with their first versions, as was to be expected.  The cars were met with less enthusiasm than planed and the performance might have been over-played by the company.  However, this is a normal setback for most car companies when bringing version 1.0 of any product out to the market.  The company knows it needs to find a good market in order to boost its image and influence its sales.  AutoBlogGreen reports that BYD is working on a sales deal with the Environment Bureau of Hong Kong.  This would validate the company, while it continues to refine its vehicles.

BYD has a well planned strategy and it should meet market expectations at some point.

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