February 6, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

It is hard to imagine, even a year ago the electric drive would take the world of automobile by storm like this.  There are less and less car manufacturers who are not actively working on an electric project, even Ferrari.

  • PHEVs Deliver.  That is, according to a recent stress test Green Star Products made with its plug-in hybrid electric, PHEV by achieving on an average 143mpg.  Via TheGreenCarWebsite.
  • Jaguar’s XE Hybrid.  It has been a while since we heard of Jaguar’s interest in offering a hybrid.  According to AutoSpies, the roadster should become a reality sometime after 2011.
  • Nevada Taps Into Its Sun Power.  The state of Nevada is aggressively trying to attract large solar plant development and other alternative energy projects with the help of its 2009 Legislature, according to the MercuryNews.
  • Winnebago To Go Hybrid.  Apparently Winnebago is testing out a hybrid solution to see if it is practical, according to the GlobeGazette.
  • Koenigsegg Buys Into Saab.  Confirmation of Koenigsegg buying Saab are slowly coming, a feast for a small manufacturer buying a mass produced automobile company, according to AutomobileBusinessReview.
  • Toyota Sticking To NiMH.  Apparently Toyota is sticking with NiMH technology until lithium-ion becomes refined enough, according to GreenCarCongress.
  • Hybrid Semi Trucks.  Here is another one for the what was thought of as impossible, a semi hybrid, HEV truck, according to Gas2.  Mercedes is working on it using a diesel generator feeding electricity to two motors delivering 440KW to two axles.

Here is AFS Trinity on CNN.  Hat tip, ElectricHybridCar.

That’s it for today.  Stay tuned for more.

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