Battery News

This picture was taken from a gentleman at the West Coast inauguration rally who has been driving the last 27 years without a drop of oil…  and a healthier wallet!

The gist is that everyone knows, if the electric vehicle EV of tomorrow is to take over the world by charm, battery technology needs to improve drastically.  Although great improvements have been made, mainly in the lithium chemistry field, the psychological barrier most consumers still have with ranges under 300 miles will take some educating.

SK Energy, Ready With Batteries.  The Korean SK Energy company is ready for the hybrid, HEV world with six lithium-ion cells batteries it says can be used now.  Two are specifically for regular HEVs and four are for plug-in hybrid, PHEV, or pure electric vehicles, EV.  The difference between the two are mostly lower energy density for the hybrid version and higher for the PHEV/EV.  You can see a diagram at GreenCarCongress.

EIG Also Has PHEV Batteries. Another Korean manufacturer, this time EIG Ltd. has a prototype lithium-ion polymer battery for PHEV that shows promising results as far as energy level remaining high while being depleted.  Another GreenCarCongress find.

GS Yuasa.  This time over the Asian pond, GS Yuasa, who will be making the Li-ion cell for the i-MiEV, is developing a 25 Ah lithium iron phosphate LFP that will provide a greater energy density that then current one going into Mitsubishi’s.  Also a GreenCarCongress find.

Argonne’s Numbers.  Lastly, Argonne has some interesting numbers that back finding from other independent labs.  What most EV aficionados already know, there is a “sweet spot” in how many batteries you can add on a PHEV or pure EV.  After the critical weight to energy ratio limit, the performance goes down by adding more batteries.  You can also read the diagrams at…  again… GreenCarCongress!

So what can we learn from all this?  Two things jump to our minds.  Asia is an arm and a leg in front of the world when it comes to producing batteries and delivering them.  They have not only developed a working li-io battery technology but are already marketing them.  And lastly that GreenCarCongress covered the Long Beach 2009 battery  convention with brio.  Hat tip GreenCarCongress.