Paving The Road For The Electric Car

Despite a financial turmoil and setbacks, nothing seems to stop the progression of the electric vehicle, EV in its many flavors, from hybrids, HEV to plug-in hybrids, PHEV to eventually fill fledged EV.

  • Smart Grid News.  Much is happening on the Smart Grid front, with The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee working on an energy bill that mandates large utilities get 15% of their power from renewable energy sources by 2021; 4% of that can come from energy efficiency, according to SmartGridNews.  Also on the same site, John McDonald, General Manager of T&D at GE Energy, talks about essential steps building the new smart grid.  A good read.
  • Franz Von Holtzhausen And The Models S.  We met Franz at a car reunion a while back and had a great talk on the fundamentals of EV designs.  Here is part one of three videos from On Car where he talks about the Tesla Model S.
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate BreakthroughLithium Iron Phosphate, LFP is seeing yet another breakthrough with Taiwan-based Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry, Aleees = Always Leading & Everlasting Energy for the Earth & uS, which in a nutshell raises the conductivity of traditional iron phosphate materials, reduce impurities in LiFePO and maintains the material consistency at an attractive price-performance ratio.  Gotta love these names!  Source: GreenCarCongress.
  • Ford And Hydro-Quebec. Ford must have a love relationship with Canada, after working closely with Magna, it has now partnered with Hydro-Quebec to work on its next generation of PHEVs.  Smart move for the auto maker that needs to gather as much distance as possible from its beleaguered competitors in Detroit.  Source: DailyCommerciaNews.

There you go for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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