High Performance Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are taking the world by storm.  The research is giving birth to a few prototypes that will make it into production, be raced and even go head to toe against the established internal combustion engines, ICE ones.

The gist is that if at one point electric motorcycles were a quaint idea of a glorified scooter on batteries, projects such as the Mission One, the Brammo bike and the MotoCzysz are showing that electric motorcycles are coming of age.

TTXGP, The Center Stage.  And how else to prove the might of the electric motorcycle but to race it.  And, how about racing it at one of them most grueling race of the them all, the Isle of Man TTXGP.  XXL Racing from Germany is already on site test racing their bike.  You can watch some videos over at AutoBlogGreen.

Mixing Technology And Electric Motorcycles.  A no brainer is to use your iPhone with your MotoCzysz E1pc, right?  Our friends over at Gas2 are reporting on how the iPhone is integrated into the bike and will most likely provide GPS.  You can also watch some impressive videos there.

Mission One, Ready.  Lastly the Mission One has revealed its racing colors, also ready to tackle the Isle of Man.  But seriously now, brown?

Electric motorcycles are coming up with more development speed than cars. Obviously, their lighter weight plays a role in it.  It will be interesting to see what happens the next few months after the TTXGP race.  Makes us wish we had an electric car race also.