February 14, 2016

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In a sign that times have changes, even hard core internal combustion engine car makers, such as Subaru are now producing urban electric cars.  Will their legendary racing technology find its way into electric vehicles, EV? 

  • Auto Industry Has Survived On Bailouts.  A really good point Freep makes by reminding us that major brands have been subsidized in the past, from Ferrari to Renault and now GM to Chrysler.  So the real question is what are we doing to force them to reinvent a working business model?
  • Subaru Debuts Stella In July.  Though many wondered if Subaru was serious about its Re1 and eventually the electric Stella but according to AutomobileMag, the company will start production.
  • Volvo Getting Serious About PHEV.  A little while back we wrote about how Volvo was tinkering with a plug-in hybrid, PHEV project and according to HybridCars, they are serious about it.  Volvo engineers have bypassed the original idea of having a simple hybrid, HEV by 2012 by working on a diesel PHEV.  More to follow on this.
  • Mitsubishi iMiEV Production Target.  If Subaru is getting its Stella ready for production, let’s not forget their arch-rally-rival Mitsubishi who is targeting 1,400 iMiEV for production, according to GreenCarCongress.

All in all, things are moving according to plan, that is the plan to have the electric drive finally replace the internal combustion engine technology.  Is it a good thing?  Certainly, yes.  Is it a nostalgic moment?  Absolutely.  But what we trade off, pollution, noise and vibration, we will gain with efficiency, less pollution and once you have bitten into the electric motor’s capacity, you won’t miss gas engine too much, or at all.

Stay tune for more…

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