February 11, 2016

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The city of Long Beach, California has been very active with environmental issues since the early 1970s.  What started out as a desire to save on fuel, well ahead of the 1972 oil crisis, has given the city an edge today.

The gist is that Long Beach has finally implemented the first “cold ironing” of a tanker in its port.  Cold ironing?  It means plugging a ship’s electrical system into the grid so that its diesel engine can be turned off.  Some of these giant cargo can pollute as much as 50 million cars, according to GreenCarReports.

With A Little Helps From My Friends.  According to Plug In America, ports over the U.S. have been forced to clean up their acts by being sued by the Natural Resources Defense Council, NRDC.  Surveys on people living near the harbor and congested nearby highways have shown an increase in asthma and cancers.

Long Beach Harbor Goes Clean.  A massive tanker anchored at the BP oil terminal Pier T is plugged into the world’s first shore-side electrical grid.  Why is this important?  The harbor commission believes oil tankers pollutes as much as 187,000 cars.

The Cost.  The project cost $23.7 million over 3 years to complete, with the port contributing about $17.5 million and BP for the rest.  The results are promising, emissions reductions amount to 50% even when factoring in pollution created by power plants in generating the electricity.

Source: LATimes, Plug In America newsletter, Long Beach Port.

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