February 10, 2016

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Here is another country that is banking on its sun drenched country side to squeeze electricity from solar power.

The gist is that solar power makes a lot sense for countries that are rich in sunlight and space.  Spain has been at the forefront while India is now looking to set an array of solar panels, totalling 200MW.

Spain, King Of Solar Power.  While Spain is the fourth largest manufacturer in the world of solar power technology, it exports 80% of this output to Germany.  How serious is Spain?  Serious enough to have 12% of its primary energy from renewable energy by 2010.  Its current solar energy is generating 3000MW of electricity.  Spain also has enough empty space to make large scale solar energy a reality.

India, Wants Solar Power.  India is also setting its aim very high with a national plan for a solar power array to produce 200GW by 2050, up from 3MW today.  The array will continue expanding small-scale solar PV panels and commercial-scale solar plants in both rural and urban areas and with both.  Where the plan is definitely ambitious is that it will include commercial and residential customers.  And how much will this all cost?  $18-22 million.

While India and Spain are not the only ones, France is also planning a 300MW system by 2011, according to TreeHugger.  Clearly the future looks like it will include a hybrid solution of different clean, renewable energy sources.

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