The Zerocarbonista EV Is Till Here And Still Alive

An electric vehicle, EV that rides on the wind?  Why not!

The gist is that we have talked about Zerocarbonista, the famous wind EV way back in September of 2007.  And if the concept can raise a few eyebrows, chalk it up to yet another brilliant mind who is using the Lotus Exige platform for yet another EVSounds familiar?  So where are our friends from Zerocarbonista now?

Zerocarbonista, Furthering The Cause.  Apparently, they are still pursuing the dream of a zero pollution EV.  Dale Vince has been an environmentalist for what seems to be, forever.  He founded Ecotricity which sells electricity made from non-polluting course.  Realizing people still had to get around, he decided it was time to build an EV.

Weblog Progression.  Going on the witty blog, you can see the progression of their EV from stage one to what now would appear is getting closer to the final assembly stages. And yes, the latest is part 9 out of 6.

What’s so special about it?  Mostly that anyone who is serious and motivated enough can move mountains. The idea of a hippy entrepreneur building an EV on a Lotus platform and using clean, renewable energy is proof that we still live in a wacky world and that there is such a schism between corporations and people.  One question still remains, why hasn’t Lotus created its own electric version of its cars yet?  Hum…

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